Iridology in Theory

and in Practice

The student learns the topography of the iris, and how to determine if disease is imminent or if disease is resolving. This is a high-level course, and it is suggested that the initial Nutrition course is completed as well as the Fasting course offered by Carter Institute  $1,400

Upon successful course completion, your diploma will read: 'Certified Iridology and It's Use in Wellness Expert'.  

Why Carter Institute for my education?

Dr. Carter, the developer of these courses had struggled with health issues throughout childhood, and so started reading about diets and herbs and so forth at the young age of 14. She studied  the books of the old masters all through young adulthood as she worked in the health store industry. Consulting with customers and the continuing study of books led to a deeper interest. Dr. Carter then decided to get her AA, BS, MS and Ph.D in Holistic Nutrition; she is also a Master Herbalist with extensive experience in real situations. From there, she had a successful practice where she helped many people, and was considered the 'go to' expert.  And now, she has chosen books and compiled complete courses which pass on this accumulated knowledge. This is the highest level of holistic education you can get, and especially for this price. This school is fairly new on the scene, but the curriculum has been peer reviewed and accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners as being of the quality and standard of learning necessary to meet the high standards of the board for certification, and any graduate of Carter Institute will certainly be equipped to be certified, and a consultant of the highest caliber. These are the courses you were looking for. You owe this to yourself. Besides opening your own consulting practice, this knowledge can be used in seminars and speaking events, chef for health enthusiasts, trainers, yoga instructors, are only limited by your own imagination. If after ten days, you decide that these courses are not for you, return the entire course for your money back, you pay shipping and handling. 

Mix and match your courses to suit your individual interests and education goals!

Distance-learning is not online learning

With distance learning, the books and tests are sent to you by UPS, so you have a physical course to study with tests to take and essays to produce; but the course is not designed to stump you, but to make sure you can learn and remember the material. You will have easy access to your instructor who can answer any questions or comments you may have about the courses. This is NOT just another video course only just skims over some facts. You will learn; and you will learn a lot!

Other advantages to distance-learning include:

  • Not paying for gas to get to class
  • No hassles with traffic
  • No parking issues
  • No babysitters to worry about
  • Study where and when YOU want to!

Mix and match courses to suit your individual interests and education goals! The more courses you take, the more knowledge you gain. The more knowledge you gain, the more money you conceivably can make! 

Payment can easily be made through

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Books and tests will be shipped 

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“Carter Institute delivered everything they promised. I learned a much higher level of holistic health than I expected, or knew existed!"

Nutrition for Vibrant

Health and Beauty

An in-depth look at the human

body, and what keeps it at it's

peak performance and beauty. You will learn more about how your body works, and what it needs to not only survive, but thrive to its full potential. Students learn not only about health, but also how to present themselves as a holistic consultant, and to help bring in clientele. 


​Upon successful course completion, your diploma will read: 'Certified Nutrition for Vibrant Health and Beauty Expert'.

Detox Expert: the effects of physical and emotional toxins on the human body. Learn why physical and emotional toxins are so bad for you, and what to do about it. Gain the knowledge necessary to help a client through health issues by tracking down their physical and emotional toxin absorption sources and helping them through the process of negating those issues in an intelligent manner.  $1,200 

Upon successful course completion, your diploma will read: 'Certified Detox Expert'

Carter Institute for Natural Health Studies

Learn to be a Natural Health Professional

from the comfort of home

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​​Fasting for Health, Longevity,

and Spiritual Unfoldment

There is much more to fasting than just doing without food. Fasting has shown itself to dissolve tumors and growths in the body. Fasting from emotions and media is also thoroughly discussed as to their impact on human health. Gain the knowledge necessary to help a client through and intelligent fasting process. $1,200 

Upon successful course completion, your diploma will read: 'Certified Fasting for Health, Longevity, and Spiritual Unfoldment Expert'.