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Dr. Carter, the developer of these courses had struggled with health issues throughout childhood, and there were many health issues that ran through several generations of her extended family. She learned though trial and error and reading books, how changes in diet can affect the general health, as well as the mood and intelligence level of an individual. 

Dr. Carter started reading the books and information from the 'Old Masters' of nutrition

who lived to be over 100 years old. (it seems that if a person can manage to live to  be over 100 and pain-free, they must be onto something!) Also, extensive study of all the new health material that came out was done and experimented with. Dr. Carter worked within the health store industry for several years, all the while still reading.... Feedback from customers who tried the recommended protocols proved positive.

Following a continuing deep interest in natural health, Dr. Carter studied for, and earned the following degrees in Natural Health: Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Ph.D. Further, she has degrees in business and administration which could only benefit you as a student when this knowledge is passed along to you. 

Dr. Carter has been a successful practitioner for over 46 years, and now has put this knowledge into courses for you to take in order to enrich your own life, as well as the life of others. 

From Dr. Carter,

     I dedicate my work to my Beloved Mother who had always suffered with health challenges, physical and mental, and who never found relief in this life. 

     My only regret is that my research and study came too late to save her. It is my hopes however, that all my diligent and passionate research over the decades can benefit humanity somehow - and that this then, can be my footprint I will leave.

Much love to You All,

Dr. Catherine Carter

Director of Education

Certified Holistic Educator

Carter Institute for Natural Health Studies