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American Association of Drugless Practioners Code of Ethics

  •  Practice the healing power of “drugless” methodologies;
  • Practice to do no harm;
  • Maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct;
  • Refuse to participate in unethical procedures;
  • Promise to be aware of, and abide by all state and local laws;
  • To be honest with my clients, offering the best products, services, and information possible;
  • To be ready to consult and seek the talents of other health care professionals when such consultation would benefit my client;
  • Do not exceed my scope of practice, either in abilities or by law;
  • To be up-to-date on all information I give my clients, and to continue my education.


The American Association of Drugless Practitioners  Certification and Accreditation Board was established in 1990. The AADP is  dedicated to promoting an enhanced professional image and prestige among  practitioners of traditional and non-traditional therapies and methodologies.

The AADP’s national and international membership body of over 21,000 is made up of MDs, NDs, DCs, OMDs, PhDs, RNs, Health Coaches, and other  “drugless” practitioners. The AADP does not cater only to one field  or practitioner, but unites all professional holistic health practitioners.  The AADP’s benefits can help promote you and  your practice.

Both traditional and non-traditional holistic schools  and colleges have suggested to their graduates to become board certified. The  AADP is recognized by many holistic schools and colleges. 

A person must have an education through a school which is accredited to become certified, and Carter Institute is fully accredited and accepted by AADP. If one were to check, they will see Carter Institute for Natural Health Studies on the AADP list of accepted schools. 

After the successful completion of your chosen course, you will receive an application for certification to the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, as well as your diploma from Carter Institute. Because the Carter Institute for Natural Health Studies is accredited through the AADP, all the courses and curriculum have been reviewed and approved to uphold the high standards they have for schools, and for the persons who are certified through them. In other words, no further testing is necessary. 

The American Association of Drugless Practioners offers to their Certified Consultants and Practitioners these benefits:

  • Free Patient Referrals - members added to searchable database accessible to the general public looking for a practitioner in their area
  • Office Packet with client questionnaires, etc. 
  • Consultations on "How to Increase Your Practice
  • Professional Affiliation
  • AADP Board Certification certificate
  • A one-time Board Certification Fee
  • And if your state requires licensing to practice, licensing board assistence