R. Shumate 

Nutrition for Vibrant Health and Beauty Certification Course


Wellness Science Expert - Tehachapi, CA


We are a small school, and fairly new, and so the list is short so far. As more people take the courses and graduate, they will be listed here too. 

Carter Institute for Natural Health Studies

study from the comfort of home

Holistic Education and Certification

​(805) 625-2571 call or text

Accredited, Distance-Learning Certification Courses​​

- Payment plans available - 

F. Agnello  

Master of Science - Current Student of PhD Program

Holistic Health Coaching - Detroit, MI Area

Authentic Peer Leader - "First Mile Coach"

Devastating Diets for Worry-Free Willpower


C. Warren  

Fasting Expert Certification


Bozeman, MT